Hi fellow members,

Could someone go through my composition and correct it for me. Many thanks for your guidance?

It was Mother’s Day. It is a special day for all mothers and I decided to do some of the housework in order to make Mother happy, 

It was seven in the morning. I was going to give Mother a surprise by making breakfast for my family. I poured each of them a cup of fresh milk and spread butter and jam onto every slice of bread. After that, I woke everyone up and told them to get themselves ready for breakfast. Mother was pleased with the breakfast that I had prepared for the family. However, my sister said that she wanted ‘kaya’ on her bread. I obliged her by spreading ‘kaya’ on another two slices of bread.

When we had had our breakfast, I swept the floor, which delighted Mother. She said that she would give me a surprise for all the work I had done to make her happy on Mother’s Day. When I had finished sweeping the floor, I washed my hands. Soon after, Mother handed me an envelope. I opened it in her presence and was glad that it contained ten dollars. I kissed her and told her that I was glad that she appreciated the work I had done. 

At about one, while Mother was preparing lunch, I helped her to wash the vegetables and shell the prawns. Suddenly, the tip of the head of one of the prawns pierced one of my fingers. Some blood oozed out of the cut. I felt a sharp pain. Mother washed the cut and put a plaster on my finger. She then told me to leave everythng to her.

The housework I did earlier and my cut made me realise that it was not easy to be a housemaker. Thus, I have made up my mind to help Mother to do the housework whenever I am free to lessen her workload.
Just one suggestion: you can reduce the usage of "mother". Just write it once, and use "her" in other sentences.
Thanks, Chris, for your comment.