where should i place the compound adj,for ex.

a 3-meter-long deteriorated fence,or a deteriorated 3-meter-long fence,or a deteriorated,3-meter-lonf fence

can u please give me some examples,thanks i reeally need to know
All three of your variations seem to be OK. They just differ slightly in emphasis. In flat, narrative text, you can put the item you are stressing first. The only tip is that in most writing, numbers up to and including ten are usually written out in full unless followed by symbols such as % or technically formatted unit measures, e.g. 3 m, 3 sec, 3 min. Adjectival use is too literary to fit comfortably with the technical format, so even in technical writing you would do better to say three-meter-long; 3-m-long would look very strange. To use a nonexistent word, it would look hacker-like.
thanks for the reply,so i doenst matter the order,what i whan to emphasize is what i put first ,right?
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You should be aware that in England, it's metres (not meters) for length. "Meters" is the U.S. spelling.
Yes, what you want to emphasize goes first. But if you are speaking out loud, you can add emphasis with your voice, so there is more flexibility over where you place the words.
thanks a lot,another question,what should i put here?

freshly cut grass or fresh cut grass
,i lnow that when u use an adj that is part of the noun you dont put adverb first
for example hard rocking chair,but what about ,highly evolved processor

i mean my question is,when do i know when to put the adverb before the adj.if the qualificator of the noun is a verb,like developed child,or evolved species

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Yes, you use the adverb in all the cases you mention, such as freshly cut grass and highly evolved processor. I can think of a few more or less poetic expressions that go against that rule, such as "new-mown hay" -- in these cases, a hyphen is classically used. "Fresh-cut grass" would also be possible, but because of its sense of heightened excitement in contrast to "freshly cut grass," it sounds to the modern ear like an advertising slogan. High-evolved processor would not be possible at all.
thanks a lot for the explanation,whatever else u can tell me will be welcome
Can you help me about compound adj word I would like to know about 10 words.
Thank you very much.
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