Compound, Complex, Compound - Complex
I am writing an essay about someone i admire and I need help on determining what kind of sentences these are...i need to have 3 compound 2 of eac complex, and compound-complex.

The first reason I admire her is because she is a hard-working person and because she never complains about all the work she has to do.--is that a compound complex?

She also finds time inbetween to feed the dog, do the dishes, and keep the house clean; though she realizes the house can't be spotless all the time.--complex?

I admire this attitude and hope it will be present in me bcause i know how easy it is to quit when something in life gets to hard.--??

She knows what is importnat and cares about these things the most.--compound?

The second reason that i admire her is bcause she is constantly putting her family before hereself even when it is a difficult thing to do.--??

This showed when she decided to work at home after her children were born.--is that any of them?

She is someone who makes sure we have eeverything we need, and is someone i can count on to support me.--compound...?

and if i havent asked enough, is this worded right?.... For these reasons, i am glad that she has such a strong influence on the person i am becoming , and is someone i greatly admire.

Thank you so so so so much!
Such complex ideas with such compound sentences will make a wonderful essay. Emotion: smile
to steer
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change into compound complex please.

Susan teaches the kids in her neighborhood.They meet in the evenings after she comes home from work.