The story unravels through an extended dialogue in Cambridge between Subramaniam and a British maths professor Perci Trachtenberg played by Bachchan and Sir Ben. Just watching the two distinguished baritones exchange notes on academia, life and their overlapping quirks is a pleasure that makes for full paisa-vasool viewing.
Alas, one of the baritones belonging to Ben Kingsley speaks in Boman Irani's voice. And that too in Hindi! Why are the two professors huddled together in Cambridge speaking to each other in a language that suggests no tenability except a practical desire to make itself intelligible to Hind-speaking Indian?
'Teen Patti' targets its cerebral entertainment quotient at an audience that is willing to expand, and not suspend its disbelief. The proceedings charted by the intricate plot take the characters belonging to three generations through a smoky, compromised kingdom of the devil and the damned.

Could you please explain to me the emboldened parts?

I guess it is used in a figurative way though. Literally, I guess "kingdom of the devil and the damned" means "an area ruled by the devil and the sin committing people".

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I think that a more normal word order would be "kingdom comprised of [made up of]" the devil and the sinners.
Thanks a lot Phillip.

But may I know what they mean by "compromised" i.e. "compromised kingdom"?