There are two special roommates in my dormitory, A and B.
A is the one who own a computer.Everyday, he is sitting in front of his computer, and playing computer games. He never allow others to use his computer ,even when he felt so tired that he had to take a rest.
B is the one who has not a computer but love playing computer. Everyday ,he is staying beside those who own computers, waiting for the time when they have to do other things , for example, having lunch. If he had waited too long , he would beg for it.
For A, there is just one word "selfish", that can describe him. For B, I think "hangdog" is fit for him best
Perhaps A is being both cautious and careful because they've had bad experiences in the past (when lending their things to other people). And perhaps B is just a bother.
In any case, both seem to have too much free time. Does anyone ever work or study there? ~chuckles~

we are college students, and next year we will graduate. There hasn't more time for us to play, we must be ready to find jobs
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Hi Darlin’
Selfish is a good word. Hang dog is unusual. Let me see if I can find something more useful for you. In US, college boys would probably call him
Personally, I’d say to him
why don’t you get a life?
Thank you, waiting for your reply.
To be honest, at first I didn't know what world can express my mind. so I refered to the dictionary, but so many words there are ,that I didn't know which to choose. But, there must be a word here to express my meaning, so finally I random chose one.
I use a special type of dictionary called a thesaurus. A thesaurus lists synonyms and antonyms.
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