I'm confused with many computer programming. There are many languages such as delphi, VB, C, C++, Perl, etc. I'd like to study programming. What kind of languages must I learn? thanks
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You're right, there are a lot of computer languages. Two of the most prominent ones are C++ and Java. Microsoft Windows relies heavily on C++ or "Visual C++".

Although not a programmer myself, I have worked in I.T. for some years now and have picked up the C++ syntax, mainly from using MS-DOS and JavaScript in web pages. Expect lots of curly braces "{" and conditional statements such as if {x = y} ..

I would suggest starting off with scripting (writing little programs) before moving on to proper programming. javascript.com is quite a good site for testing out stuff and learning more about it.

If you are serious about programming in C++ there are plenty of resources out there on the web. I'm sure you'll need lots of patience ;-)
Thank you doodles, How about assembly? I heard that it is important too though it is a low level programming language. I'm looking forward to learning Java then ^^
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Sorry, don't know much about that. I just try to push the right buttons, I don't make them work!

Java is probably a good language to start with, though. It is a language made for the internet and computer networks on the whole. Enjoy!
I'd like to ask something about C. Must I learn C language first before learning C++? What's the different between C and C++?
Though most (almost every) C++ compilers are fully compliant with C syntax, you may treat C and C++ as two totally different language, so there is no need to learn C before you start working at C++.

As considering to choose a programming language, it really depends on what do you want. If you just like it and not plan to choose software development as your future career. Then I suggest you study some scripts, such as JavaScript, VBScript and some Java. That can bring some interesting effect to your web pages.

If you are considering software development as your future career, I would like to suggest you study some C++. After you can do some coding and write some some simple applications, you'd better to study some important courses, say, data structure, principle of compiler, operating system, DBMS. What kind of programming language you are using is not important for a progammer.
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"What kind of programming language you are using is not important for a progammer."

Do you mean that programmer don't need to understand all the language? 1 or 2 is enough? I am going to take IT for my majoring in university. Thanks.
All the program language share some common theories and practices. For a programmer, you should be good at some basic courses such as data structure, operating system, etc, and also learn a program language very well, I suggest C++. If you are familiar with C++ and those basic courses, you won't find other languages difficult.
Thank you for your suggestion ^^
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