Nowadays, it is widely argued that teachers play an indispensable role to students even with computers' considerable advancement. This idea seems to be reasonable and I am in absolute agree with it for the following reasons.

To begin with, students' self-consciousness will be never formed without teacher's assistance. To grade-school students, especially juniors can't usually know the importance of study inside out. They consider it as a grief in their life. As a result, it is strongly believed that they will be never self-aware to do their homework without teacher's strictness. However, they are at least to realize anticipated consequences unless they do it.

On top of that, watching computer screen continuously will cause bad effect for students's health, especially illnesses relate to the eye. According to a recent survey, percentage of short-sighted students that can led to blindness due to abusing technology devices too much is up to 60%. In addition, these equipments also influence adversely on their nervous systems and brains.

To sum up, having self-awareness and sound health are integral things so that students can open doors for their future job. For these reasons, it is clear that teachers will forever play a pivotal role in school instead of computers.


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