Is someone able to tell me if i'm doing this right.

Look at the the sentance and concept check question .Think about the essential meaning of the sentece and the grammatical structure.Decide if yhe concept check questions provided are useful in checking that the students understands the meaning or not.

She should see a doctor

Has she seen a doctor yet? unnecessary
Has she seen the doctor before? unnecessary
When didi she last see a doctor? Useful
What's the matter with her? useful
Is it a good idea for her to see a doctor? unnecessary
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How would you ask a concept check question for

You use a fork to eat. (a mother explaining cutleries to her son)?

ALso what difficulties do u think students may have with the simle present tense?
I've just submitted this module - I found concept questions very difficult to do. I think I probably rushed it all a bit too much - I only have until May 1st to finish it all, and if I have to re-do any modules, it could take some time....
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My friend is doing this course at the moment and she found when she retried the answers didn't necessarily change when she clicked the second time - anyone else had this?
i am currently analysing TEFL teaching material and it is asking me for exercise management and concept questions? Can someone explain these to me cos i am stuck?


I am having the same problem, the last concept questions I had to do were fairly easy as they were in sentences, but on this exercise we have only one word -'crossroads'

or 'shiver', I understand how to do the concept questions, but these are really difficult words, any help or ideas would be appreciated. I need to do 'crossroads', 'shiver', 'jealous and to scream

Thx in advance
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To all the Anonymouses

1. stuck on shiver

I'm not doing whatever online course, so don't have the instructions for the assignment that seems to be causing some consternation to you. However if I had to concept-check this with a class I'd ask someone to demonstrate shiver and then elicit the reasons why we shiver - feeling too cold, sick with fever etc.

2. stuck on crossroads

What's the context? Do you mean the literal sense? If so, why not use several simple diagrams of configurations of roads and get students to identify the crossroads? A picture can tell a thousand words.

I hope this helps.


I am having the exact smae problem with the same words. I just logged in here to find some help but we all seem to be stuck on the same thing. Shiver, Jealous, Crossroads and Scream are very difficult words to ask concept questions about! someone help... Please.
Ah well, it depends on your concept of concept questions!!Emotion: big smile

As far as I can see, and I find concept Qs difficult, you make up Qs to ask your students to CHECK they have understood what you have just taught them.

E.G: If you've just taught JACK RAN DOWN THE ROAD....

you would ask them.....what RAN (the verb) means,

then RAN DOWN THE ROAD means, you could explain the use of the verb in sentence and how it is related to the object (ROAD)


Also teach from thier mistakes...

Teacher: Ask another Q so a student has to make up a sentence.
E.G: Igor, give me another sentence about Nick and run.
Igor: Runs down the road, Nick.
Teacher: Good try but, Nick comes before the verb RAN... (write stuff on the board for students)

Then say; What would you say if Jenny Giev me a anoeth sneten about Jenny runnig dow th araod.E.G: If teh y say
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hum...you dont seem to have the right idea...but close!

the concept questions that are asked have to be answered by the question that was first asked so:

she should see a doctor

has she seen a doctor yet? the question doesn't say so its unnecessary
has she seen a doctor before? same as above
when did she last see a doctor? we dont know, so unnecessary
whats the matter with her? same as above
it is a good idea to see a doctor? well this is pretty much what the original question is asking, so yes its a good question to ask

more good concept questions in my opinion are:

is she sick?
has she seen a doctor yet?
does the speaker think its a good idea for her to see a doctor?

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