Is someone able to tell me if i'm doing this right.

Look at the the sentance and concept check question .Think about the essential meaning of the sentece and the grammatical structure.Decide if yhe concept check questions provided are useful in checking that the students understands the meaning or not.

She should see a doctor

Has she seen a doctor yet? unnecessary
Has she seen the doctor before? unnecessary
When didi she last see a doctor? Useful
What's the matter with her? useful
Is it a good idea for her to see a doctor? unnecessary
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guys, can anyone help me with sentence and concept questions PLEASE PLEASE

My three words are To Swerve, Injured and To Shiver!!! its doing my headin'
Concept Questions
1. To shiver
Is this a movement? (Yes.)
Is it a small movement? (Yes.)
Are you shaking? (Yes.)
Are you cold? (Yes, maybe.)
Are you frightened? (Yes, maybe.)
Are you ill? (Yes, maybe.)

2. crossroads
How many roads are there? (2)
Do they cross? Do they intersect? (Yes.)
Are they parallel? (No.)

3. to scream
Are you speaking quietly? (No.)
Are you speaking loudly? (Yes.)
How do people feel when they scream? (They are excited, or angry or frightened, etc.)
Why do people scream? (Various examples from the students.)
When do people scream? (Various examples from the students.)

4. jealous
Are you unhappy? (Yes.)
Are you angry? (Maybe.)
Does someone else have something you want? (Yes.)
What can make a person jealous? (Various examples from the students.)
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
people shiver - when the climate is cold. And when they were scared.

shiver is a verb too - My subordinate didn't complete her work. I shivered her with my warnings.