Is someone able to tell me if i'm doing this right.

Look at the the sentance and concept check question .Think about the essential meaning of the sentece and the grammatical structure.Decide if yhe concept check questions provided are useful in checking that the students understands the meaning or not.

She should see a doctor

Has she seen a doctor yet? unnecessary
Has she seen the doctor before? unnecessary
When didi she last see a doctor? Useful
What's the matter with her? useful
Is it a good idea for her to see a doctor? unnecessary
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I am doing the same course and am completely lost! Any help would be gratefully received.
Hi Im doing this course and I had to anser the questions above, now Im struggling on making my own concept questions to check the understanding of a student,
I have to start with :

To shiver......

Now here Im not sure what I have to ask as Ive done well on the cours ethis is the section I find I need practice in.

I appreciate any help thanks
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DOH!! im on that one 2. if any of you know any good questions let me know!!!!
To shiver.... I put ' Am i warm?' ....... 'Why do people shiver?' .... and thats all i got.
bit stuck! Emotion: sad

All the best !
Do i shiver when i'm cold or hot?

what about that??
Hi Just reading all the post and i am as well doing the same course. I do think that your questions are right. Well i hope maybe we can all help each other. You all are heading in the right direction. Im up to the shivering question as well so Good luck.
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rules for concept questions.
1 reduce the target structure/verb to 2 or 3 simple statements.
2 turn those statements into qu to ask the students.
3 the target structure/verb should not appear in the concept question. e.g. Am I shivering? You can't check that a student has understood a structure with a question that included the structure /verb.
4 the structures of the concept qu. must already be familiar to the students i.e. easier than the target.

Go for it!!!
hi, i'm doing the same course and finding writing concept questions tricky. i,m sure it'd be easier actually in a classroom. Now i'm up to Rent - seems easy but i'm not so sure.
i was thinking along these lines..
Is money paid?
who is money paid to?
who pays money?
is money paid on at regular times.....etc.

any hints would be highly welcome...
I have this same question regarding "She should see a doctor" and although I understand what they are asking for, I do not want to steer anyone in the wrong direction because I have not yet submitted my answers. The whole reason for taking this course is to learn however it is difficult to learn without a classroom setting where you have other students and a live teacher. I just hope and pray that I pass this online course so that I can get further classroom training to further my career as TEFL teacher abroad.
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