I hope somebody can help Emotion: big smile

I am studying to become a TEFL teacher and have become really stuck on the following question -

How is the "concept" of the structure made clear?

I have completed the rest of the module (6) - EFL Teacher in Action but this is my last attempt at the question or I have to pay to do it again -

Your help is sooooooooo appreciated

Many thanks


As a teacher, you will need to consider the audience that you are addressing.

Do you realize that most of the people who read your post above have no idea what module 6 is all about, and have no idea what structure you are talking about? Have you considered telling us?

Best wishes, Clive
AnonymousHow is the "concept" of the structure made clear?
I don't know. The structure? Which structure?

How can I fix the problem in my garage?

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Hey vanessa, i too am stuck on this question. Did you find out the answer yet?
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