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I write some formal letters, but sometimes I get baffled when I want to end a letter conveys the message that the addressee should read and be aware and informed of what I wrote and then take appropraite action.

Is there any cliche that carries this meaning.

sometimes I write the following, altough I might be far away from what I should write. Please tell me if these are acceptable or not:

1- For your information and we hope that you take appropriate action regarding...

2- For your information and to take appropriate action regarding..

Plus, I am so eager to know how you usually conclude such letters.


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This can be a tricky one sometimes, but it really depends on what sort of action you need them to take. I would avoid using 'For your Information' as this usually means that you do not expect them to take any action, just read it.

Without knowing the required action it is hard to be precise but you could try something along the lines of

We/I hope to hear from you soon regarding....

We/I hope you will be able to take appropriate action and would appreciate it if you could keep us informed of progress...

If you need any further assistance dealing with this matter please do not hesitate to contact me, and I hope everything can be resolved satisfactorily.

I look forward to your response....

Would you please let me know the date on which you anticipate contacting/whatever action......
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Tell me if this is right, I sometimes conclude letters with

'Thank you and counting on your cooperation'
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It s okay. Guess .... looking foward to your kind cooperation.

Thanks for granting your your attention...

Thanks in anticipation of your kind response...
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