Hi, I'm from Germany and I'm looking for some idiomatic expressions which I can use at the end of a letter. In school I was taught to use "Love, Linda". But can I also use "Greetings, Linda" or does that sound too German?
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No, you can't use greetings at the end. All the best, Best wishes, Love & kisses, &c.
Hugs and kisses
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To whom are you writing, Linda?-- some of the suggested closings can only be used with family and intimate friends of the opposite sex, and others are too formal for that use.
Thanks for the quick answer!

By the way, we are supposed to write a letter to our parents.
For parents, it has to be Love, Linda.
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Hello Linda:) I'm from Poland and I think, that using "Love, Linda" sounds better in English. You can also use "Best wishes" or "With best regards":)
Hi, you have a lot of options. At the end of the letter you can use expressions , for example:Lots of love, Love, Greetings, Best wishes, Regards.

its a bit odd,u can use lot of wishes,love,regards,,Emotion: smile
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