Do I understand correctly that (most) AmEng speakers put the stress on the second syllable?
And this holds for both "concrete facts" and "concrete floor", etc.?

The online OAAD gives both variants, CONcrete and conCRETE. I guess the most common pronunciation pattern is always specified first in this dictionary?

On the other hand, BrEng speakers always emphasize the first syllable (based on what I've seen in the online Oxford Advanced English Learner's Dictionary)?


Is it true that comPLEX is the dominating pronunciation pattern in AmEng?

'Concrete' has the stress on the first syllable in both styles of English.

Listen to it HERE .

Re complex, in BE the first syllable is stressed. I'll let AE speakers tell you how they say it as the pronunciation in the above source is inconclusive.

Thank you Rover!