I have come across sentences using past tense in if-clause and present tense in the main clause, such as:

1) A hamster is pregnant for only about three weeks and up to 20 babies can seemingly appear overnight in a hamster's nest if you didn't know your hamster was pregnant.

2) Hamsters will eat more when they are pregnant and nursing, but otherwise their diet will remain the same as if they weren't.

Are they grammatically correct and do you classify them as "mixed conditionals"?

HasibrahmanAre they grammatically correct


Hasibrahmando you classify them as "mixed conditionals"?


They are just dependent if-clauses, and statements of fact, or "real" conditionals.

English grammar books that teach the classical conditional types (type 0, 1 and 2) are just explaining how we use tenses in the if-clause and main clause for past untrue conditions, present and future unlikely conditions.

In reality, there are many combinations. The resource describes most of them.