I'm having some real problems with the following exercise:

Conditional Functions are:
  1. When talking about future possibilities/probabilities
  2. When giving a warning
  3. When making a promise
  4. When giving advice
  5. When making a threat
  6. When talking about hypothetical situations
  7. When talking about things that can never be true, such as past regrets (we sadly can’t turn back time)
  8. When talking about general truths or things that happen all the time
  9. When making polite requests
Look at the sentences below and decide which of the above functions are being used:

1. If I win, I’ll share the prize money with you. (promise?)

2. If you boil water, it will turn into steam. (general truth)

3. If the weather is sunny tomorrow, I’ll go to the beach. (future possibility/probability?)

4. If only I had treated Sylvia better, she wouldn’t have split up with me. (can never be true?)

5. If you scratch my bike, I’ll hit you. (threat)

6. If you touch the fire, it will burn you. (warning)

7. If you pay, I’ll go to the movies with you. (no idea!)

8. If you save up now, you’ll have enough to travel to America next year. (advice?)

9. If I could speak Chinese, I would be able to talk to people here in China. (hypothetical situation?)

10. If only I had learned to speak Chinese, I would have been able to order sushi when I was in China last month. (can never be true?)

11. If you come near my family again, I’ll kill you. (threat)

12. If you put your hand in the lion's den, the lion will bite it. (warning)

13. If you see Miranda, will you let me know? (polite request AND future possibility?)

14. If it rains tonight, I’ll go to the cinema. (Future possibility AND promise?)

15. If I were you, I’d talk to your boyfriend about it. (can never be true AND advice?)

16. If David comes in, will you call me? (polite request AND future possibility?)

17. If you are nice to people, then people will be nice to you in return. (hypothetical situation AND advice?)

18. If you don’t stop messing around with my computer, you’ll break it. (warning AND future possibility?)

To the right of the phrases I have put my answers in brackets.

Thanks in advance,
From this angle, I see them as agreeable and making sense.

On 7. If you pay, I’ll go to the movies with you. (no idea!) I'll say " it's a practically relaistic promis"
If you pay, I’ll go to the movies with you. offer