If I knew what RSS is, it would be great.

Does is sound fine in this sentence? Can I use present tenses in sentences like that?

Just in case, here is the context. I have just read a text and there was this unknown for me abbreviation.

It seems sequence of tenses is my favourite theme... Emotion: geeked
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In my opinion, depend what " RSS " is,

one of the present tense function is to express what are known as general truths. i.e, Vancouver is in Canada.

if RSS is some sort of general truth, I think you can use present tense.
And if it is not the general truth?

For instance: If I knew what she is talking about, it would help to solve the problem.

Is it correct?
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It should be "was."
In both the sentences?
Yes, I think "was" should be used in both sentences.
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Which is better?
1. What would he think of me if he knew I am not a virgin?
2. What would he think of me if he knew I was not a virgin?

I’ll say # 1 because of the simple fact that either a girl is a virgin or she is not. So “is” in my opinion is right. If John plans to marry Mary with the expectation that Mary is a virgin, then Q1 fits the context. Obviously this is a “conditional” context. What will happen “if” he had found out, not “if” she is not a virgin.

For # 2, it’s also possible because if John met mary with the idea that she was a virgin while she wasn’t, Emotion: big smilethen the question fits context.
I think it's common to take "What would he think of me if I …?" as a second conditional sentence.

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