What verb tense and form (do we use the past subjunctive in the result clause?) do we use in the second conditional, other than the standard past modal tenses (would, could)?

And can we use did or does?

Even if he were predisposed to weight gain, it doesn't/didn't mean much.

Same questions with first conditional.

Even if he is predisposed to weight gain, it doesn't mean that he will be overweight.

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Mr WordyI get what you are saying, Yankee, but even in this case I would use "wouldn't".
I probably would too. That's what makes standard forms so handy. They're so darn typical. :-)

However, I still think such a mixed-conditional might occasionally be used quite naturally in just the right context. Isn't that what often makes a mixed conditional so tricky to explain? Without a sufficient amount of just the right context, they often simply seem wrong.