The thief confessed______the box full of gold at that night.
A)To stealing
B)To steal

What the answer should be and why?
The answer is A.

The reason is that confess requires the preposition to to follow it and because of that you must use the gerund stealing) . The to in the verb "to steal" is the prefix of the infinitive, it's not a preposition.
(a)The thief confessed to stealing the box of gold that night.
(b)The thief confessed to stealing a box full of gold that night.

If you use 'the', it means you have told us about the box of gold prior to this sentence, and it sounds odd to be adding further information about the box, when the real point of this sentence is about it's being stolen.

Compare (b) and the use of 'a'

A person 'confesses to..." something (noun)
so a noun has to follow 'to'.
'Stealing' is a verbal noun (gerund)

Because the 'to' from 'confesses to' has been omitted, you need both the preposition -' to' - and the verbal noun, 'stealing'
to steal : the verb in the bare infinitive form.

Note : 'to stealing' IS NOT the same as a bare infinite form. The 'to' here comes from 'confesses to..."
"He confessed to manslaughter."
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Thank you.
What about confessed to all?

She decided to confess to all?
AnonymousWhat about confessed to all?
She decided to confess to all?
That was not one of the choices in the original question, which was asked a long time ago. You should have started a new post for your question, as it is not directly related to the question in this thread.

She decided to confess to everything is what you want if you mean 'all misdeeds'
She decided to confess to all is the same as She decided to confess to everybody.

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A) To stealing


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