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From the dictionary, I have found out that the two words [Confirm] and [Verify] are synonyms. However, I have also seen sentences like: "Please confirm and verify the e-mail..."

Are there any specific nuances that are associated with these two words that makes them have different meanings?

Because I do not think that (by replacement) "Please confirm and confirm the e-mail..." makes sense.

There's a lot of similarity between these two. Here are a couple of not very helpful comments.

confirm check or support the truth of something eg confirm that an appointment is at the time you think it is.

verify establish the truth of something. eg He showed his driver's licence to verify his identity.

In very general terms, I'd say that 'confirm' is often used with something you already have knowledge of, whereas this is not always the case with verify. With verify, the focus is very much on obtaining the truth.

In practical usage, 'verify' is a more 'serious' and formal word, and is used less often than 'confirm'.

For your email example, you would typically 'confirm that you have received this email', or perhaps, and less often, 'review an email to verify that what it says is correct'.

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I think they mean the same...



Both words are used as a request to double-check something. Use "confirm" in cases where the result is known or believed to be accurate. For example: "Please confirm that you have ten toes." Use "verify" when the result is not known in advance or when the accuracy of the result is questionable. For example: "Please verify the number of guests who will attend the reception." The difference in meaning is subtle but have no fear. Very rarely, if ever, will you be held to account should you confuse the two in everyday use.

You enlightened me.I was looking for this too.Thank you.

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I renew library cards by making sure the person presenting the card knows the street address associated with the account. I ask "Would you please verify your address." I'm expecting the patron to tell me their address as listed in our system. And it works more often than when I ask "Would you please confirm your address." From what's been stated above already and my interpretation, "confirm" indicates I am going to say the address and the patron will either agree or make a correction. However, by having the patron say their address, I have more assurance he or she is who he or she claims to be. My two cents...