Do we say confirm me or confirm to me when we are sending out an email requesting a confirmation on something
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confirm me is correct but confrim to me is completly wrong. if you want you can send the compelete sentence then others can judge better.Emotion: smile good luck
A priest of bishop may "confirm you", which means perfom a relgious rite in which you are formally accepted as member of a Christian church. You will then have received "confirmation"
Otherwise, I don't think it's correct to use confirm with an personal pronoun either as the object oras the indirect object of the verb.
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Confirm me

confirm to me

But we'd normally just say eg Please confirm that the meeting is on Thursday at 10am.

'To me' is understood and need not be said,

Which one is correct:

In our history, we always have received good feedback...


In our history, we have always received good feedback...

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#2 is the usual position.

Confirm dinner?

anonymousConfirm dinner?

If you wish.

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