hello, i am new here in this forum and i need a little bit help, could please anyone check my grammar, i am writing for my blog and i'm just not confident with my grammar.

"I moved here last March 2006, so it is all about how I adjust living here in China." - ok last 2006 i wrote in my blog all about what happened, my bad and good experiences in my stage of adjustment, so its a past tense, you think its correct, i'm confuse.

"Now, I will say it work for us this type of relationship." - in the past few years i had this big question in my mind if the long distance relationship will work for us, but right now in the present day i want to say it work for us, is will is the right word to use?

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Hi tinsky, Thanks for joining us. Welcome to English Forums.

"Adjust" requires the preposition "to," how I adjust to living here in China.

The antecedent of "it" should be placed before it. If it occurs in the sentence before, you don't need to repeat it. But you can repeat it as an appositive.

Also, "it" is third person singular, and takes the verb form "works." (It works for us.)

Three different versions:

This type of relationship seems to be perfect. Now, I will say it works for us.

Now, I will say this type of relationship works for us.
(Don't repeat the "it.")

We have a very good personal relationship. Now, I will say it works for us, this type of long-distance arrangement. The comma after "us" is important if you intend the following phrase as an appositive.

The "will" is interesting. Of course, it's future, as I'm sure you realize.

The usage is similar to: "Let me say this: 'It works for us.' " In a way, you mean, "Let me say this in the future, 'It works for us.' " (The future is right now.)

"I'm going to say this," is in future tense, but your intention is present tense. (Never thought about it!)

Anyway, "I will say this, 'I'm not feeling very well!' " is a perfectly natural present tense statement. I'm not sure how the grammarians analyze it!
Thank you very much, you're a big help to me. I'm so glad i came across this site.

Till next time.Emotion: big smile