i sometimes watches English spoken movies to develop my english. and i have heard this sentence and i am confused
' where are you come from?
not where do you come from or where are you coming from
I am sure i heard that but may be not ,anyway ...can you help me...
and one more thing in English there are more gramatical rules but don't trust them always there is an exceptional,do you agree with me or are you agree with me?
The only expressions close to this are: 'Where do you come from?" and "Where have you come from?" and "Where are you coming from?" But you say you are sure you did not hear any of these.

' Where are you come from?' might be possible in a movie if it is an historical drama. It is a substitute for 'Where have you come from' which was used centuries ago. It is not part of modern English.

If the context was not that of an historical drama, I can't imagine what it could mean. Emotion: smile
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I'm not familiar with 'Where are you come from?' even as a historical phrase. 'Where are you from?' is a valid question though, perhaps you misheard this? Or it coud be 'where have you come from?' as a lot of native British speakers will drop the h from have and it could be easy to mistake 'Where've' for Where are'.
thank you for your answers i think i misheard it....
I noticed that some americans used like that, grammatically incorrect. but still using, no problem, no problem. One time I heard that " He do everything"
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You may have heard them say "where are you coming from" which is a slang phrase, or "I don't know where you are coming from" meaning, "I don't understand what you are trying to say" or "I don't understand the basis for your opinion".

Hope this helps.