Days ago,I found that there was a expression like this:

---What made Mary so sad?
---The things what a E-mail reading.

This is what confuse me. "A E-mail reading",are there any expressions of "a board writing" or "a board saying"?Or just like "what a board says(writing/reading)"

How to use them?And what's the difference?


---What made Mary so sad?
---The things what a E-mail reading. >>

The second "phrase" makes no sense. There is no common expression like that.

What made Mary so sad?

The things that an e-mail said. (still clumsy as e-mail don't speak, but much closer than before.)

I think what the text was referring to is that Mary saw something in her e-mail that made her sad?

So, you could "play" with the text a bit and say that the e-mail said something to her--"The things that an e-mail said."

Hope that helps.
Thankyou for answering.

Then how about this expression:

--Nothing,but an E-mail ___

Is the answer the same as the first question?
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Yep, it's got the same answer as the first question.

"nothing but the things an e-mail said"

The best way I can think of to word that would be, "nothing but the things someone said in an e-mail"

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