Dear teachers,

What is the correct form of the verb? (is or was)

1) Michael Jackson is/was the King of pop.

2)Herodotus is/was the Father of history.
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I think 'was' is better but 'is' is okay depending on how recently they died. The problem might be to conclude he is the King or Father, though they surely are. Wait for natives.

For #1, I think 'was' should be used.

For #2, my instinct tells me to use 'is'.

LiV is right, wait for the experts.

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I have merged your two threads that ask the same question.

Please ask a question only once.

Thank you.
Hi Sir Dave!

I see. I'd just use my version for #2.

Herodotus is known as "The Father of History".

Is this fine? How about the quotation and capitalization?
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That is fine is it is still present. If something is still current then you can use is. If it isn't then was.
Thank you! But would you mind giving me an explanation? I'm not sure about mine.

Here's mine:

It says that if a person doesn't exist anymore (Dead) we should use the past form which is correct. Like the case of MIchael Jackson he was the King of pop. MJ will remain as the King of pop unless there's a new King of pop in the future. PLS. correct me if i'm wrong.

But in the case of Herodutos "the Father of History". There's only one Father of History and that's Herodutos. PLS correct me if i'm wrong. (Herodutos is the Father of History)

Thank you again.
Grammar GeekI have merged your two threads that ask the same question.Please ask a question only once.Thank you.

Yes my mistake! I'm sorry, i didn't realize that i posted twice
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