Dear All,

'I can tell you that this trend I have been started with, without a mere change, is not getting me to any
better' .

( Note that Im speaking to my Boss, and my intention is to tell him that Im not in the right path. he gave me a bad job ).

the word 'trend' is appropriate here ?
Or I must change it to 'path' or 'track'' or ....

Thank you.
The phrase we commonly use for a sequence of job promotions in a company is "career path." Track can be used, but not "trend". Trend is gradual change, not a step change, as would be going from one job to another.
I would not accuse my boss of putting me in a bad job. I would tell my boss that I am interested in making a good career path in the company, and would like him (or her) to advise me on what I need to do to improve my skills to be able to qualify for higher-level jobs. I would be willing to take jobs at the same level to gain experience, and learn more about the company business. But I would like to have a plan or idea of future advancement.
Thank you for this reply