Sometimes I often get confused in knowing the difference between adjective and verb. Like in the following sentences:

I was frightened.

I was married.

I got thrilled.

How can I better know the word "frightened", "marry", and "thrilled" are adjectives or verb?
Don't let such a thing worry your mind. It isn't that important to know what label to put on a word. The important thing is to know what word or what form of a word you should use. Depending on the context and due to the lack of inflections in English, word can belong to five different parts of speech. Married is in one of your examples:

He was/got married ten minutes before the accident. (verb)
He has been married for years. (past participle used as an adjective)

I think there are those who will disagree with this apporach, but "I am frightened" in my opinion is a past participle used in passive voice as I am frieghtened by something, therefore it is a verb. I also hear arguments that "frightened" is a past participle adjective in the same sentence, That said, in "a frightened child", I agree,frightened is a partciple adjective.

This question is most arguable in context involving: pronoun/ noun + verb to be + past partciple. i.e.
I am exhausted by having to walk up ten flights of stairs with 40 pouns of grocery because the elevator was broken.
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Hi Dimsumexpress,
Can you tell me what 'frightened' is to you in the following sentence? Emotion: smile

I'm frightened that she will find me.
MichalSI'm frightened that she will find me.
Hi Michals,
The use of "frightened" in the above context sounds a little overkilled to me. Is he really "frigtened" that she will find him and harm him? Or do you mean "he is worried that she will find him", or perhaps a real adjectyive "Afraid" is a better choice of word?

That being said, I still personally treat "frightend" in the context as a verb (used as adjective).
If "frightened" in "I am frightened" is a verb, then what would you call "blue" in "I am blue"?
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If "frightened" in "I am frightened" is a verb, then what would you call "blue" in "I am blue"? In this example, I'd say they are both adjectives.

But in eg I am frightened by spiders, i'd say it is a verb.

Note that you can't say eg I am blue by something.

Hi I have a question.If married is verb in was married so was married is passive form verb?

I think so.

"He was married to her by the priest." (passive)

"The priest married them." (active)

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