Hello eveybody

I just wanna ask about the words that is used to connect between 2 sentences... like though, although, further, therefore, however....

how and when they are used??

I'll be very thankful for your help
Hello Ammar_bh Emotion: smile,

This is what a teacher gave me few years ago.

Expressing Cause:
- Since (informal)
- As (informal)
- Due to the fact that /Due to (formal)
- Owing to the fact that/ Owing to (formal)

Expressing Consequence:
- Therefore (formal)
- Consequenly (formal)
- Hence (formal)
- And that's why (informal)
- Accordingly (formal)

Expressing Contrast:
- Yet (neutral)
- However (neutral)
- Mind you (informal)
- In contrast (formal)
- Although (neutral)
- (Even) though (neutral)
- Much as (neutral)
- In spite of the fact that/ In spite of (neutral)
- Despite the fact that/ Despite

Additional information:
- Furthemore (formal)
- In addition (formal)
- Moreover (formal)
- On top of that (informal)
- Besides this/ Besides the fact that (neutral)
- As well as that (neutral)
- Not only...but (also) (neutral)
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Wow. Thank you for sharing that, Pucca. Emotion: smile It really helps us, non-native English speakers, to identify the degree of fomality of those expressions.

Best wishes,


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Hi pucca

this was very helpful, THANK YOU Emotion: big smile
Thanks, that was very useful!
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Thanks Pucca! I really needed this!
Oh my god,

thank youthis is what i needed for my class test Emotion: smile


Emotion: smileThank you very much.
Consequently not Consequenly ..
Thank you again.
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Many thanks Puca, that is very helpful and not too long.