Dear teachers,

I have to teach vocabulary (some adjectives) related to weather, landscapes and people to elementary adult students.

Among them are the following:

busy, hot, cold, dry, wet, empty, small.

What is the connotation of these words? I feel like it is negative, although the connotation of "dry" may depend on the context. Am I right?


Context is everything, almost. I guess you could say that "empty" is negative compared with "full", or "small" is compared with "large", but really the cultural baggage, personal connotations, climatic differences, etc. make such value judgments subjective. I find dry better than wet, most times, I guess, but moist is often nice. A desert-dweller probably thinks wetness is sublime. You get the idea. You are the best judge of what your students might feel about a word.

Thanks. Maybe the best would be to explain that their meaning depends on the context and the speaker's perspective.