In which cases we use the verb "to consist" with the proposition of ? And in which cases we use it with the roposition in ?
Can we say :
"The logic representation consists in expressing the different axioms in first order logic".

Thanks in advance.
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consist in => have a basis in, lie in, inhere in, reside in, be intrinsic

The beauty of the artist’s style consists in its simplicity

consist of => contain, include, comprise

New York City consists of five boroughs

(From American Heritage Dictionary)

Thanks very much. It is clear now !!
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Thanks! I had the same confusion!
Thanx! Now its clear for me also!
Gee, I had the exact same confusion, thanks again.
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tnx, it was helpful
What about the usage of "consists on"? Is it correct for some situations?
'Consist on' is not correct.
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