Hi! everyone.

Could you tell me why there wasn't given the choice of "their consensus" in this quiz? Why are there all choices with "it's" and not "their"?

3. ________ vitally important that leaders and constituents achieve ________ on shared values.

A. It’s; consensus

B. Its; concensus

C. It’s; concensus

D. Its; consensus


The answer is "It's vitally important that leaders and constituents achieve consensus on shared values."

"Their" doesn't belong anywhere in that sentence. Are you sure you copied and pasted the question correctly?

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I am really sorry for wasting your precious time.

I am a fool to have overlooked the first blank and I subconciously put the "It's" in the first blank and thought I was supposed to fill the later blank with "it's consensus" or with one of the the other options given. I also failed to notice the semicolons between the two options. I think I am suffering from dyslexia.

No problem!


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