There is this office or company which does all the construction-related jobs. From making the foundation to plumping. Actually it builds the building for you up to any level you want. This company can do just single tasks as well; for example if you want them, they only do the wiring for you.
What is this called ?
(If I have made any mistake in the paragraph above please infom me)
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Hi Behnam.

Do you want your text to be proofread or you are looking for a word?

If you state your question more clearly, it will be easier for us to help you.

Actually i'm looking for a word but i wrote that sentence in case i have any mistakes.
the word i'm looking for might be something like construction office.
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so, when a post doesnt have an answer, does it mean that nobody knows the answer ?
should i ask it again in order for my question to be seen again ?
Hi Behnam,

Double posting is not a good idea at all, you have to be paitient. But if you didn't receive any response after 24hours, I recommend adding comments on it so it appears on the first page. I am not sure if it is the right thing to do, moderators will definitely look at it and say their opinions about such a situation.

Ok I'll just wait and see what happens
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I really need this. if anybody knows the word please answer me ASAP.
A general contractor
thank you so very much
but is it a tilte for the office or the person ?
I want something like " a post office" that introduces the company
for example is " consrtuction office" or "construction contractor" correct ?
and how can i combine it with the name ?
if the name of the company is Behnam, can I entitle the company " Behnam General Contractor" ?
help me please
I thank you very much
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