I often see "consult by someone" to mean "consult with someone" or "consult someone." For example, "Consultation by practitioners helps to improve the design of the sample." to mean "Consultation with practitioners ..." or "Consulting practitioners ..." It sounds strange to me, but since it's common, I suppose it's correct? And is "with" also correct? Thanks for the help!

sarcandra It sounds strange to me

To me, too.

sarcandra since it's common

Really? The Ngram does not support your statement:


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sarcandra"consult with someone"

This is used in American English.

sarcandra"consult someone."

This is used in British English.

Thanks, Mr. Micawber. That Ngram is useful.

I should have said that I see "consult by" in the technical journals I read.

I see! Thanks!

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