The ability to live fully in the present is one of the benefits that what I

call the “trans-Fall” state of being brings us. In the words of D.H. Lawrence, there

is a “marvellous rich world of contact and sheer fluid beauty/ and fearless face-toface

awareness of now-naked life” waiting for us, if we can manage to subdue our

constant thought-chatter and transfer some of the vitality we waste through it into

our perceptions of the world around us.

--- I'd like to ask how do you understand these two: "contact" and "now-naked life"?

Maybe "contact" means here a relationship or maybe just some "contact"?

What about "now-naked life"? Is it possible to use a similar term here which would mean more or less the same? Maybe it means "real life" or something like that?
Contact = direct relationship (to nature) / direct, unfiltered experience (of nature)

Now-naked = totally revealed / real, honest, unmasked
Thanks for your explanations!