It was fate that brought him into this anti-social activist group. Looking back, Arvind saw himself a postgraduate with distinction but lay off. He had knocked at the door of every opportunity for a decent job with rewarding remuneration, but to no avail. A load of half a century of resumes and a basketful of refusal letters or ‘we’ll get back to you’ replies dampened Arvind’s buoyancy and the acclamations of his academics. But there was always a ray of hope for him when in the morning everyday he looked up the opportunity column in the papers. As the day lightened and faded into the setting sun, his hopes faded away giving place to another bout of depression…sleep seemed to have vanished from his life, instead hunger had become his constant companion.

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As the gloom of night overcame the din of the world, Arvind laid back on his straw bed. His hunger set him thinking, as he never thought before. He decided that he needs some job that can atleast get him two meals of food. He could see that his hours of burning the mid-night oil at his academics has only borne him a sense of false pride and this misery.

Arvind realized that so far he had limited himself to finding some job at a government office or with some multinational, with the hope that they would respect his learning and academic laurels. But learnings don't quench the hunger and laurels don't shine in the night.

The next morning Arvind woke up early and went to the nearby school. He could see small innocent faces of kids preparing to attend classes. The glee in their steps and play in their eyes lifted his heart for a moment. He went straight to the school principal's office and in a decent manner without being obsequious and toady, as he had been before while begging work, presented to help with any work, he would deem fit.

The principal thought for a moment. He needed a person to clean the school in the afternoon and mow and maintain the garden during day time. He asked Arvind if he could sweep and mop the floor and work at school garden.

Arvind's false pride of academic excellence has melted the previous night, so he did not feel least perturbed at the thought of doing menial work. With this newly founded humility, Arvind felt that he had in fact assimilated his learnings more than ever before.
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Days went by, and Arvind slowly started clearing doubts of weak students after school. Word spread around and some teachers came to know about it. Green with envy, they carried tales to the principal. The principal called Arvind and talked to him.
“I’m sorry sir, I was just helping kids whom I knew by the virtue of staying in the same vicinity.”
The principal had not known till then about Arvind’s qualifications and felt ashamed to think that he had offered him such a menial job. But, he was also in no situation to give Arvind anything else. And that’s what he told him.

Arvind was back to square one. With the bag of unemployment again on his shoulders, he walked into the streets.
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Arvind reached his home with disappointment and switched on his television. As he was watching One day international between India and Australia , he saw an advertisement. It was about "Harsha ki Khoj". That sports channel was looking for a commentator and competition was to be held on 10th of December. Cricket was just like religion to Arvind. He was not just a follower for cricket but also a good player. He took this as an opportunity of his life and decided to participate in the competition. He had won number of awards in debate competitions at school and college but this was something different. He muted his television and started commentating on the match going on.

Arvind woke up early and instead of reading job columns in the paper he went to video store and bought few cricket videos. He was a confident person. He knew the only thing which can increase his chances of winning the competition is practice.

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Good job Ahsan.

It was without much difficulty that Arvind got the commentator's job.His immense interest in Cricket and his flair for orattion did get him the job.His happiness knew no bounds though the pay was very minimal.

It was his first day. He was given to do the commentary of a local match in the suburbs of Delhi.The night before, he hadn't had much sleep.
He hadn't had much sleep that night and when he woke up he found himself suffering from inflammation of the tonsils. He had a painful throat and was not able to speak properly.It was 7:30 and match was to start in 2 hours. He hurried towards the stadium which was not far from his house. As he was walking, he thought how to convince them that he is still fit for the job and all he want is two day leave. Unfortunately, they rejected him and offered the job to other candidate in waiting list.

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