[H] Hi!

Please, help me with the following:

In the question "Is this her friend?", the short answer is:

"Yes, it is." or "Yes, she is." ?

And is there a contract form for: "This is her friend."?


Hi Anon,

Context will help on some of these. If we are waiting for a particular person to show up - Mary's friend, for example, but you have not met Mary's friend before -- and you say, pointing to the person walking through the door, "Is that her friend?" I'd say "Yes, that's her."

If we are looking at photographs of Mary's trip somewhere that she took with a friend, you point to one person in the photo and say " Is this her friend?" then "Yes, it is" makes more sense than "Yes, she is."

In speech, "this is" will sound like "Thissiz" but there's no written contraction.
Hi Anon [H]

You should use "Yes, it is" in that context. The word "it" refers to "this (person)".

In addition to what Barb has written, there is no indication in your question ("Is this her friend?") whether the friend is female or male. It is entirely possible that the friend is male.

"This is" is not written as a contraction, but in everyday speech it will often sound like a single, two-syllable word rather than two separate words. (Look at Barb's example.)