I am a webmaster and would like to use a short-form of 'Clubs and Associations' in a menu item. The reason is to keep the menu item phrase as short as possible without confusing users.

I used the following contraction but have been chastised by a user, who happens to be an English teacher, for incorrect use of the apostrophy:

Clubs and Assoc's

Can an expert offer any advice?

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I have to say something about Raul's contributions. Thank you for them and thank you Ww and Hh, with this and the dialogues in Englishmed I am studying a lot.
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In my humble opinion, your plural forms are correct. "Association" is abbreviated "assoc.", but you cannot form the plural like this: assoc.s / assoc.'s - at least as far as I know. Abbreviations, mainly in BrE, do not take dots, so "Assoc's" looks good to me.

What do others opine? :-/
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