Sometimes, parents and their children may have some different ideas and attitudes toward something, like money, studies or time management. My parents and I usually argue about prices at food or clothes, for I think the price is resonable while they think the price is too expensive. Have you ever met this kind of situation that your parents have different attitudes toward something? And what's the difference or big contrast between your parent's attitude and yours?

I will be glad if you can share your experience and opinion with me. Emotion: smile
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My own parents grew up rather poor. As a result, my mother thought a lot of things were too expensive, even though I felt the prices were reasonable.

Maybe some of this rubbed off on me. My own children are very conservative with their money, but simply accept that the price of things is the price of things. If they want something more expensive than I think is reasonable, I will tell them how much of it I would be willing to pay for it, and they cover the rest with birthday money or allowance, or they go without. My younger daughter insisted we didn't need to paint her room (which needed painting badly) because she didn't want us to spend the money on that, so she, at least, makes decisions with the cost in mind. (We are painting her room anyway, but we are doing it ourselves instead of hiring a painter.)
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yes this is about an essay.

I need to get some ideas from different people.
It would waste less time if you used your own ideas or googled the topic and spent more time composing the essay instead of waiting for other people to answer.
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actually, it's my assignment that I have to discuss this topic in a forum; I have no choice.

Do you have any ideas about what I post?
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