Dear teachers,

Would you please help me correct this sentence?

He has an appropriate knowledge and way of thinking that helps him have a sensible conversation.

These are my views:

vocabulary: a) is "appropriate" wrong here and should be replaced by "sufficiant" ? b) is "way of thinking" wrong here and should be replaced by "common sense" ? c) what verbs can be used with "conversation" : to have, lead, conduct, something else ?

grammar: a) is it possible to use the article before "appropriate knowledge" even though "knowledge" is uncountable ? b) should the verb "help" be in the singular or plural ?

Are there other mistakes ?


I am not sure if “appropriate” is the correct choice of word to go with “knowledge” which to me is either correct or incorrect. But I just feel the context is not complete and an article “the” is needed. For myself, I would say “he has the correct knowledge and right mindset that help him to have a sensible conversation with anyome he meets..
Good morning, Goodman

Would your sentence describe someone with a level head, or not exactly ?

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