Hi teachers,

Is conversational or conversation right to go before "skills"? Internet search came up more usage with "conversation skills". Merriam says "conversational skills"




Merriam Webster's collegiate is a pretty reputable standard. Conversational is also what Oxford shows, using many many example sentences.

It appears the language is changing and dictionaries may change it soon, just not now, as far as I know.

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Well, we do say "language skills" and not "linguistic skills" and "conversation piece". I can see no reason why "conversation" cannot be used attributively with "skills" except that it sounds bad if you're not used to it, and we are not used to it because the unedited written English being created on the Internet by semi-literate people of mostly average intelligence who have no grounding in the corpus and no respect for the language is relatively new. Oh, I'm sorry—did I say that out loud?

It's become a kind of compound noun perhaps, like conversation piece..

nice rant!

I supposed our conventional grammar mind often gets confused about how we perceive what looks and sounds right. We often run into cases where an attributive noun modifying another noun. Conversation skill, computer skill, language skill are all attributive nouns and they are commonly spoken.

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