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Does anyone know if there are sites for teachers which have FREE on line lessons with cartoons for teaching conversational skills? My students ( not only doctors or medical students) like the www.englishmed.com cartoons a lot, that's why I'm asking. Hitch you could make one if there isn't yet. And, taking in consideration that it would be for teachers, who earn much less than doctors, you could work for half of your usual wage.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
Pieter, I don't know about cartoons but I use to practice English in BBC.com, there are a lot of things , like Video Nation section and of course radio. I need lots of patience but it is a good place, I am talking as student of course.
Pieter: Yep, we're on it; but it will take time (and a whole lot of spending money!) - I promise you'll get a free subscription for your good self + yer students! I'm not sure if there is anything like that out there; but Elena's suggestion sounds promising (the beeb!)