Hey guys,

I'm Ray from Shanghai. I've being trying to study like crazy for many years. My speaking is not yet fluent but I'm getting better. I am always looking for a good study method. I want to make friends all over the world and I hope we can share our ideas for learning. I have a new method that I've been using for the past month and it is really working. I listen on my Ipod to English for about 30 minutes per day. I got the idea from an article I read about how to speak fluent English
The teacher who wrote the article talks about his experience with Asian students and the problems they have. I don't know about other countries in Asia but it is really true for China. My speaking has improved so much I think. My foreign teacher said so. I told her what I'm doing and now she's getting the class to do the same stuff with technology. I hope you find it interesting like me.

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Hi Ray.

You are right it will improve your English in many different ways. You can always listen to songs and then sing along with them to help with the pronunciation. That way you can improve your speaking skils, along with you listening and grammar.

It always nice to hear from learners as to what methods work best for them - Thanks for sharing.
PS. Welcome to EnglishForward.com
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HI, welcome to EnglishForward,

Sounds like a good method. I often listen to songs and sing along with the lyrics. This method seems to work good, the article was really inspiring. Nevertheless I prefer free methods. One of the best methods I ever discovered was joining EnglishForward.com , I improved a lot since my joining last year. Another great method is translating the lyrics into your native language.
But I still search a native speaker who wants to talk with me on skype.Thanks for sharing, I'll keep that method in mind.
Wow, This site is really cool, thanks for the comments guys.
I found it interesting that a few people mentioned singing songs to help. I heard of that before but I never saw anyone with success from it until now. I am going to try it today.
ThanksEmotion: wink
Well, I didn't consider it as a method first. I like to sing along with songs, it's like a hobby. The majority of people sing with their favourite songs I think. After some time I noticed that my pronounciation has improved a lot. Working with the lyrics is a great thing. I don't listen to a song and say: " Wow , this one sounds pretty good", I always have a look at the lyrics to picture the song better and to get a clue what the intentions were when the song was written.
Like this you can enhance your vocab knowledge and the pronounciation at one time. I always to tried to grab songs that haven't a strong accent. Because my spoken english should be understandable.

Anyway, Good luck Emotion: smile
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rayshanghaiI have a new method that I've been using for the past month and it is really working. I listen on my Ipod to English for about 30 minutes per day.
I've been doing the same for about two years and a half now (since I got back from my year in the UK). Emotion: big smile

It takes me nearly thirty minutes to get to my office on foot, so on average I manage to listen to my English pieces of listening for about five hours a week.

I download them mostly from the BBC's website ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts / ), via iTunes, as I subscribed to quite a few of their podcasts. Their radio programs cover lots of topics: environment, technology, news, music, movies ... I just picked those I am interested in!

However, if anybody should know of similar podcasts (especially in American English), please share them! It would be great to make a change. Emotion: smile
Sorry I only know British ones and I do think the best of these is the BBC. There are many but they haven't quite mastered it the way the BBC have. Hope you enjoyed your year here - where were you?
Sorry Alex I would happily converse with you as I know that you are at high level and would like fine tuning rather than teaching! I do have an accent that is Northern. Do you have a web cam, speakers and microphone on your computer? I don't have SYPE so can't just chat that way. If you have the things I listed above then we could help each other as we can chat. I can practice listening for pronunciation mistakes which I need to do, and should you make any (unlikely, I'm sure) then I can practice modalling a word. A bit more formal than SYPE but worth consideration? I know you are into botany, which I know nothing about but maybe I convince one of my friends to discuss plants with you - I can't promise that he wold e happy to chat with you, but he is a groundsman for Lady Goldsmith.

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