Yesterday I was typing a long and subtle reply to Mr Pedantic on a question he had asked in the "controversial" forum. Normally I would have done this in a word processing programme, but yesterday I did not. Just as I was finishing my internet connection failed. I thought I would copy and paste the text into a wp programme in case the connection did not come back, but there is no copy capability! Of course when the connection came back and I tried to post what I had written it was all lost into cyberspace.Emotion: sad

Any suggestions/observations?
It won't do it for me either, Forbes, unless I use the Copy command on the browser or the Ctrl v function on the keyboard. It seems to be a peculiarity of some forum websites but not others. Posting and deleting are both long drawn-out processes on this new EF format. and susceptible to timing out. I hope that Hitchhiker will be able to fix that eventually.
When that happens to me, I find it's sometimes possible to backpage to the text and CTRL+C CTRL+V it into a new post.

Or periodically pressing CTRL+A CTRL+ C while posting keeps a copy on the clipboard.

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Don't you just hate when that happens Forbes!

Life in the English Forum is fraught with frustrations. Emotion: angry
PLEASE retype your subtle reply Forbes,

I REALLY enjoy subtlety. Emotion: wink
Hear, hear.

I find my long and subtle ones look quite different in the morning.

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Really, Mr P.?

I prefer mine with a salad on the side.