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I just wrote this to a friend. I am posting the letter to this forum with its idea for a ... declare my movie outline copywrite (c) as of this date. Michael Eisenstadt 505 West 7th St., #308 Austin, TX 78701

Sorry "Mike"®,,
I took out a copyright © and a patent on any story that involved a man or men and/or a woman or women last year. My lawyers are busy preparing the legal groundwork. Just about every person or group of people who wrote or produced any kind of story at any time are possible targets.
I also own worldwide rights to "#308" ®,TM,© my lawyers and I would appreciate it, if you quit using it immediately.

The name "Mike"® is a registered trademark of Jingy Enterprizes. You can license the name "Sputz"® from us for a nominal, yearly fee, if you feel the need for a "non-infringing" first name. "Mike"® is far too popular there's a waiting list and we're not taking new applicants at this time.
Just thought you want to know all of this on this date: January® 24,
2006.© ®