I'm suppose to make a large sign to be displayed outside of our Church building.... Please help me with the contents of my text below:

Welcome to
[our church name] fund raiser
Food, Games and Live Music

Is the use of "fund raiser" correct? (the proceed will actually go to the new church building construction cost) Or should it be "fundraising event"?
Is there a better terms instead of fund raiser thingy?
Would fun fair be in the same catagory?

I would appreciate your help.

I wouldn't use "Fund Raiser" right after the church name; "Fundraising Event" is better, but there has to be something better.
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You should watch out for your unmistakable spelling mistakes otherwise somebody here may be able to trace your identity. Isn't there an English saying which is something like " A leopard never changes its spots?" Any corrections will be welcome.
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Sorry I didn't get that one. What do you mean? I am anxious to know.
I appreciate your help, Jacko. Emotion: smile