Fill the gap exercise.

My answers are : 1.c - 2.b - 3.d - 4.d - 5.a - 6.a

A weekend at the Grosvenor Hotel will __1__ you back 400 pounds or so, but you will come away feeling - as we did - that is worth every penny of it.
A little off the beaten __2__ for some visitors perhaps, the hotel is situated on a rocky
promontory just north of the town, within easy walking distance of some of the most stunning __3__
of unspoilt beach in the country. __4__ for the odd seal, you will come across little else as you explore the mysterious caves and rock pools that await you at low tide.
You will certainly see none of the tourist traffic that __5__ so many other beautiful places these days. Excellent food, friendly staff, idyllic surroundings - that's what the Grosvenor offers its guests.
__6__ many other hotels in this part of Ireland, we feel it represents exceptionally good value for money.

  1. a) carry
    b) take
    c) set
    d) put

  2. a) a road
    b) path
    c) way
    d) track
  3. a) corridors
    b) stretches
    c) ribbons
    d) zones

  4. a) Apart
    b) Bar
    c) Excepting
    d) Except
  5. a) tarnishes
    b) taints
    c) impairs
    d) mars
  6. a) Compared to
    b) With regard to
    c) At the expense of
    d) Contrary to


All of your answers are correct except for 3. A, c, and d are logical, but 3 has to be b. The phrase, "...stretches of unspoilt...", is almost idiomatic in English.

Thank you for your help!!

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1. A