1) I played tennis....

2) I told you....

3) ...you have worked...

4) They were living...

5) ...while I was waiting

6) We spent...

7) How long have you been living...

8) My boss was leaving...

9) ...the meeting had already started.

10) ....we had taken a visitor...

11) We have been dating...


3) you had worked
7) did you live
8) had (already) left — but 'was leaving' is OK too.
9) (after) ... had already started
11) had been dating

The others are OK.



I'm having trouble reading the questions. If you type them instead of just photo-copying, I'll be able to answer.

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1. I was playing tennis every weekend when I was younger.
2. I had told you about the problem a week ago.
3. I didn't know you worked for this company for 2 years.
4. They lived abroad when the war broke out.
5. I met her at the station while I waited for my flight.
6. We were spending all our holidays at the sea when we were children.
7. How long were you living in Oxford when you were a student?
8. My boss left the office when the fax arrived so he didn't receive it.
9. John arrived when the meeting already started.
10. We couldn't go to the meeting because we took a visitor on a tour.
11. We were dating for a year when he asked me to marry him.
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John arrived after the meeting had already started?

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John arrived after the meeting had already started?