Coming home from school one normal afternoon, I come to find out that my front door had an unusually large, broken hole on it. At the same time, a sudden squeaking noise comes from the above floor. I had a feeling in my mind that there is thievery committed in my household. As I walk in cautiously passing the broken door, and up the stairs, I stop at the appearance of the thief. He had told me he found the house in this broken state, but I unknowingly replied out of shock, that I was visiting a friend of mines. I hurriedly walked down the stairs, with him following me.

I felt regretful to my reputation for not having the momentary ability to stop such a despicable thief. I wanted to return the favor by attacking the thief, but what if he had some kind of weapon? That thought had caused me to not do anything further than letting him go. I then called my cousin, who happens to live right next to me. I had explained the whole incident to them and the police arrive soon after. I had to explain the entire incident over to the police. The policemen questioned me upon the thief's appearance and facial looks. I had realized that I already forgot the image of the face of the thief that stood no more than 6 feet away about 10 minutes ago. I was in the state of shock while I experienced thievery, which caused the sudden memorization.

Lucky the thief only robbed the $50 from my parent’s desk. Fortunately he didn’t search my parent’s closet other wise it will lose further more.

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When I arrived home from school, I noticed that the front door of my house was open and that the door jam was broken. Sticking my head inside the door, I heard a noise upstairs. "The burglar is still here," I thought. Doing something that I never should have done, I entered the house and slowly climbed the stairs. As I turned at the top of the stairs, I came face to face with the burglar. Not knowing what to do, I said, "Hi, I'm looking for John. Is he home?" The burglar shrugged his shoulders, which gave me the chance to escape. I walked down the stairs faster than I had walked up, with the burglar following me.

The event left me a little ashamed for not having done more. My unexpected entry had interrupted the burglar, but my inability to act had let him get away. I now know that I did the right thing by not trying to restrain him, since he may have had a gun.

I called my cousin who lived next door. I explained what had happened, and he called 911. When the police arrived, I explained again what happened, but when questioned about the appearance of the buglar, I couldn't remember a thing. I had stood so close the the thief only moments before, but now could not give the police any physical description. The shock apparently blocked my memory.

Fortunately, the buglar only got away with $50 from my parent's desk. If I had not interrupted nim, he would likely have gotten away with a lot more. The policeman explained to me how my decision to enter the house had placed me in great danger and cautioned me never to do that again.

If this ever happens again, I will know what to do. First, I will always remember never to enter my house if my suspicion tells me that an intruder migth be inside. Second, I will go next door and call 911. Third, I will stay inside the neighor's house until the police arrive.
lol this happen like a year before 911