Please help to correct my exercises.

Require-Condense these sentences to as few words as possible.

a.We are of the conviction that writing is important.
Ans-Writing is convictively important.

b.In all probability, we are likely to have a price increase.
Ans-A price have to increase.

c.Our goals include making a determination about that in the near future.
Ans-We will have our goals shortly.

d.When all is said and done at the conclusion of this experiment, I would like to summarize the final windup.
Ans-In conclusion, this experiment is windup.

e.After a trial period of three weeks, during which time she worked for a total of 15 full working days, we found her work was sufficiently satisfactory so that we offered here full-time work.
Ans-Because of her satisfactory performance in last three weeks 15 working days, she finally get a full time work.
a. Writing is important.

b. Prices will probably increase.

c. We will make a decision soon.

d. I will summarize the experiment afterwards.

e. After a successful 3-week trial period, she was offered a job.

These are my preferences; there are many other ways to make sentences more concise. Rephrasing such sentences is usually necessary; you cannot simply delete redundant words.
She was so near to achieving her goal