Have the honour to apply for PhD studentship: Ph.D. in Theoretical Solid State Physics at Vienna University of Technology, Computational Materials Science.

Presently I am assisting in graduate course in which plan wave based band structure calculation will be done

and molecular dynamics including the Car-Parrinello approach will be treated I find working with such advanced methods very inspiring.

although the limited computer facilities available at Alneelain universitycan make them quite frustrating I believe that my starting research career is promising and is suitable for starting investigating this problem.

I have graduated from the University of Khartoum, Sudan in 1998 in Physics and Education. Through teaching physics at different levels I had the chance to deepen my understanding of science. My Master degree is in computational physics (2005) the thesis is on quantum computation.

While working toward a degree, I have started with my colleagues establishing the first computational laboratory in Sudan. Presently, the laboratory is operational and I am preparing a project on electronic structure computations for Msc students. I am also teaching a course on concepts of computational physics to graduate students. I have been

continuing my research on quantum computation, and also doing simulation in condensed matter by using some package (Pwscf, crystal and abinitio). At December 2008 I finished training course in High performance computing for tow month in SISSA tieriste Italy. Also I participate in school on electronic structure calculation and application in Cape Town from (14-25 July). And also participate in School in computational and material science in Addis Abba university from 13-26 September supported by ICTP

I am communicative, hard worker and enjoy working in groups as well as individually. I will be great full for considering my case.

Best Regards

Motivation letter for ICTP seminar:

With this letter I would like to express my interest in taking part at the plasma college(smr3239). I completed my M.Sc. in nanophotonic at IASBS university in 2017. My M.Sc. thesis title is " Investigation of metallic nanoparticles role in the thermal conductivity of fluids". During my studies for my M.Sc. project I became familiar with plasma applications and theories so I became very interested in plasma science and I also have self-studied the basics of plasma with a goal to devote my professional career towards understanding them.

For that reason, I decided to continue my studies at the PhD level in plasma. Fortunately, this year I've been accepted at PhD in plasma. These days, I have many studies on plasma science and its applications as well as I am looking for researchers that work on this field around the world. Familiar with this seminar is a great opportunity to me because participation in this seminar will be great help to me in learning more and more about plasma science. Also, I can have closely meet with researchers and students who active in this field as well as I can know about their last works and their experiences that it can help me to do my PhD project very good. So, I hope I can participate in this seminar because it is so invaluable for me and for my future endeavors and I would highly appreciate to be one of the selected participants.